Health Programs for Your Workplace


Give your employees an advantage over their work. Book a health program. 

5 x 1hr lessons

Groups of 8-12

(*covered by health benefit plans after seeing Dr. Kaylee for an initial visit)

After working with countless companies doing lunch talks and workshops on different health topics, Dr. Kaylee created a tailor made program to go deeper in understanding health and what to do when, for your employees. Courses are available for partial* coverage by individual employee benefit plans. To use their benefits employees must attend all 5 sessions and see Dr. Kaylee first for an initial visit.

Session 1: Digestion

A healthy gut is the basic for health. If you're going to make an effort to eat healthy, you'll want to make sure your gut is absorbing it well. Learn how to get rid of bloating, heartburn, how a healthy gut gives you a clear, fresh complexion and healthy skin, as well as upgrades your immune system. Heal your leaky gut. 

Session 2:  Nutrition

When it comes to nutrition - the information can be overwhelming. Learn what to eat and when and what it can do for your body, waist, energy, metabolism and mental health. 

Understand macronutrients and micronutrients, and what your unique genetic make up needs when it comes to fuelling your metabolism, healthy digestion, and supporting your body chemistry. Learn how to affect your metabolism, mood, anxiety, energy and immune system with what you eat. 

Option 3: Stress, Sleep, Energy

Your hormones run your body. They are the signals telling all the machines in your body what to do. They can get affected, easily, by what your telling them, feeding them, and exposing them to. When that happens, it can mean your body has trouble communicating and functioning. This can affect your energy, sleep quality, and in the long-run, impede your immune system and cause inflammation which contributes to autoimmune disease, diabetes, and hypertension.

Get your hormones back on track, and calibrated well, so you feel like your body is in alignment. It feels so good. Learn how to keep it that way.

Option  4: Menopause & Andropause

Your reproductive hormones have a huge affect on how you age and how you feel as you age. Its inevitable, but wouldn't it be great if you could prolong it? Not just with replacing your hormones with hormone therapies, but learning how to go through menopause & andropause (male menopause), without symptoms OR learn the signs of it approaching and help delay it. Get your libido, energy, and kick in your step back. 

Option 5: Mental Wellbeing

The #1 thing companies are seeking support for their employees with is mental wellbeing. Tips and tools to overcome anxiety, stress, depression, low-mood, brain fog and overcoming creativity blocks. 

Your brain chemistry is complex. These chemicals, similar to hormones, are signalling your body on how to respond, react, or initiate a thought, emotion or function. Imagine if you could control them? Similar to how you practice a positive mind-frame to reshape your perspective and change your brain chemistry, you can change your brain chemistry, naturally, to help your mental state of mind. 

This course will teach you how to better equip yourself for your unique life circumstances.

Option 6: Exercise for your day to day health and athletic performance. 

Everyone's an athlete. When you set out to train for your mood, waistline, personal best or competition, you put into practice the principles of athleticism. Its not about making the team. Its about recognizing you're already on the team and doing your best with it. 

Exercise is for you and comes in all shapes & sizes. In this session we will discuss what different types of exercise are, which to choose, based on your unique body chemistry, for the outcomes you want: aesthetically, body composition or performance based.  Don't let exercise scare you. Everyone needs to move. Learn how to support your body through it. 

Be better.