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12-Week Digestive Health Turnaround

Do you feel bloated, acid reflux/heartburn, have IBS, digestive complaints or urgency after a meal or food intolerances? 

Have you been trying to pin-point what your trigger is but can't quite nail it down? Does your gut pain debilitate you and drain your energy? If so, the 12-Week Digestive Health Turnaround is for you.

A healthy digestive system is key to healthy hormones, skin, sleep, mood and obviously digestion. If you are making an effort to eat healthy, investing time, effort and money into food and at-home preparation, make sure you're digestive system is functioning well to get the most bang for your buck. Get to the root cause of your digestive issues and learn how to be a mechanic for your own system.

This 12-week Program has 4 visits and Includes

  • 4 x One Hour Sessions 
  • Complete Digestive Health Laboratory Testing and Test Kits compromising: SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth), comprehensive stool analysis with parasitology, urine organic acids testing, serum IgG food sensitivity testing, and basic blood chemistry testing for anemia, inflammatory markers and nutritional deficiencies
  • Pre & Post Biometric Measurements (body composition, BP, salivary response, skin complexion)
  • Specific Effective Supplements from trusted & reliable professional brands
  • Custom Supplement Powder and/or Liquid Formulations making it easier to digest and take your supplements daily.
  • Key Nutrition Guidelines & Meal Plans
  • Stress Management Techniques & Digestive Maintenance Protocol
  • Further visits may be needed

All visits after your initial consultation, can be done via phone/telemedicine if needed. Total cost of the program starts at, $2200+ the cost of supplements. 

Speak Directly With Dr. Kaylee to Learn Which Approach is Right for You