Wellness Is Contagious

Workplace wellness not only improves job satisfaction and as a result boosts productivity, but healthy employees spend less on medical costs and have less sick days too. Use wellness as a successful business strategy. 

“According to Corporate Wellness Magazine, every $1 invested in employee wellness programs yields roughly $4 in savings through reduced sick days, higher productivity and decreased overall health costs.” - Forbes Magazine

Healthy Employees Mean Healthy Business

Dr. Kaylee believes wellness is a foundation of a thriving business. Work with Dr. Kaylee  to help your team learn insights to their health and lifestyle choices they can be making to improve their energy, productivity and mental focus. Enjoy her common sense approach to health.

What You Can Expect:

  • 1x/quarter lunch talks, delivered in person, 30min with 15min for Q&A. All paid talks include a copy of the presentation deck and handouts. 
  • A healthy lunch for your organization, selected by Dr. Alton with our healthy partners (discounts may apply). 
  • Educational Emails for your employee's benefit
  • A follow-up 1-3 days of on-site consults (board room or office space, and wifi, is all that is needed), booked in tandem with Dr. Kaylee and by an advocate on your team, who is passionate about helping their colleagues access health.  Consultations are covered by benefit plans. Direct Billing may be available under your employee’s plan.

How to Improve Energy & Mental Focus, Will Cover: 

  • the basics of how stress affects your body’s function; 
  • what to eat and when to eat, to impact your body’s ability to make or use energy; 
  • how the type of exercise and when you exercise can be a determinant on your ability to focus and sustain energy; 
  • how the body creates brain fog and our body’s ability to create hormones that help us focus and remember;  then the key steps to take to improve memory and focus and if needed, detox from brain fog; 
  • how to navigate the world of natural health practitioners, what is a naturopathic doctor, and how to take steps now that will positively impact your health forever; 

Other Topics Include:

  • Strategies for Stress Management, What Stress Is Doing To Your Body
  • Preventing & Recovering from Burnout
  • Ways to Improve Odds at Longevity, Including Improving Muscle Mass & Metabolism
  • Detoxing Well: Strategies for Your Liver When You Entertain Clients All Year Long
  • The Gut-Brain Connection, Supporting Anxiety Naturally
  • What Happens at the Office, Stays at the Office: Cold & Flu Season Tips and Tricks to stay Healthy, All Winter Long
  • The Four Seasons Treatment: How to Prepare for Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall

Field Trips Include: 

  • Grocery Shopping Success: how to view shopping for groceries; meal prep and meal planning; 

  • Weight Loss at Any Age: When to Choose HIIT training, vs. Yoga, vs. Cardio vs. Meal Timing

  • Earthing: Get into Nature with a Hike through the Forest, Understanding How Nature Directly Improves Your Health Parameters

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Dr Kaylee is a fantastic Naturopathic Doctor that we brought in to Anomaly earlier this year. She offers her services on-site at our office and it’s been a really successful partnership for us, as it’s a big hit with our employees.
— Franke Rodriguez, Partner & CEO, Anomaly