It is my goal to reward and support those who use their influence positively, with health in mind. 

Legacy Memberships

We see the world differently. We work hard and discipline ourselves to create more margin in our lives to live out our potential. We are mindful of what we say, watch and do as much as possible. We understand we have influence on those around us and want to lead from a position of health, to leave a legacy we are proud of.

One of the reasons I chose naturopathic medicine as a career was my family's legacy. Its German roots meant I was raised to consider natural remedies first, taking more sophisticated vitamins than the 'Flinstone' kind from a young age, and being taught, from watching, how important green space, getting outside and water therapy were. I came to appreciate my grandmother's hard work at keeping health top of mind all while working 3 jobs and raising my dad as a solo immigrant parent, not to mention keeping her flair for fashion  and beauty while she was at it. When our parents choose to exercise, eat well, consider the environment and others; children copy. This is a health legacy. 

How to get it done while living in the city, raising a family and chasing a career is the modern problem.

The Legacy Membership provides people who recognize their influence, leaders, entrepreneurs and go-getters, an opportunity to live out these principles. Being healthy is costly. I want to reward and encourage those who choose to make it a priority by giving them strategic pricing within my practice, exclusive events, discounts with aligned vendors, and access to educational material and a community to walk with. 

With this membership I aim to:

  • Make living a healthy lifestyle in the city more accessible and affordable
  • Provide discounts on the resources and services that support the healthy lifestyle choices of mindful people like you

Legacy memberships are for those who want to be mindful about the legacy they are creating and about their impact on this world, and who are intentional and proactive about their health as they know it plays a big part in facilitating our potential. 

The Legacy Membership Includes:

  • preferred pricing for visits with Dr. Kaylee (with this alone save $70 on 3 visits), see details on the Pricing Page
  • members discount of $10 off, each public talk by Dr. Kaylee
  • exclusive Legacy Member events
  • discounts with our partner healthy retailers
  • 25% off the Patient Education Program

Take your health to the next level for $24/month or $252/year.

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